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Top 5 Dog-Friendly Beaches in Massachusetts

As much as it seems like the perfect place for your dog, most beaches in the United States are decidedly unfriendly to dogs. There are a few reasons for that; dog poop, believe it or not, will not simply dissolve in the sand, and excitable dogs don’t always pair well with the relaxed sport of sunbathing.

However, there are a surprising number of dog-friendly beaches around Massachusetts. We compiled a list of five  of our favorites to help you and your pooch hit the ground running this summer.

Crowes Pasture Conservation Area

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This is a great beach for adventurous dogs and dog owners. It requires a rather arduous mile-long hike from a parking area, which is accessible by a very rough dirt road. The beach itself is straightforward; it’s wild, rugged, and features no amenities. It’s the perfect spot for you and your dog to run around and enjoy an isolated day by the sea.

Castle Island Beach

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South Boston has its fair share of dog-friendly beaches and Castle Island is no exception. As long as your dog is on its leash, you’re free to roam its variety of beaches.

Carson Beach

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Located in South Boston, Carson Beach is a great spot for your pooch out of season (Labor Day to Memorial Day), when they are allowed to roam. What better way to show off your dog’s prowess for fetch, than explaining to the Southie crowd “My boy’s wicked smaht.” You can even treat yourself and your best friend to a roast beef after.

Coast Guard Beach

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Are you and the pup more of The Cape type? Fear not; Coast Guard Beach in Eastham is your spot. The beach itself is shared by families, and hikers, and even has lifeguards on duty. While dogs are allowed, they are not allowed on the portion of beach guarded by lifeguards where beachgoers are lounging.

Brant Rock

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Located in Marshville, Brant Rock is one of the rare Massachusetts beaches that is both sandy and also allows dogs year-round, going so far as to have poop bags at the entrance! While the beach itself is narrow, there’s enough space for you and your dog.

Beach Day Best Practices for Your Dog

Once you’re ready to head to the beach, ensure you understand the best practices for ensuring your dog is happy and safe.

  • Ensure your dog can swim, you never know when they’ll need it
  • Have a supply of fresh water and a source of shade
  • Limit your time in the sun; dogs will overheat quickly
  • Monitor what they drink; don’t let them drink salt water or water from a stagnant source
  • Clean up after your pup

With that said, enjoy your doggie beach day!