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Is Pet Insurance Worth It?

We spend hundreds of dollars every month on our own health insurance but what about our pets? 81% of pet owners in the U.S. consider their pets to be equal members of the family. Pet insurance is the best way to ensure your pet’s health is a priority.

So, what is pet insurance and is it worth it?

What is Pet Insurance?

Like human insurance, you pay a monthly fee to ensure your pets medical costs are covered when they need them. You can choose from three different kinds of coverage depending on your pet’s needs and your budget. Before you choose a plan, make sure you review each company’s coverage and exclusions list.

The 3 Types of Coverage Plans


Some of us have pets with separation anxiety and find that it’s easier for everyone if they tag along. If you choose to take your pet with you ensure they have a comfortable journey and, when you get there, have a place for them ready If your pet experiences a sudden physical injury such as broken bones, bites, or torn ligaments, accident coverage will help you cover the cost of treatment. This plan is often more affordable than illness plans.

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A pet sitter can be a great option if you have a cat. With dogs, it becomes a little trickier unless they agree to take your This is the most comprehensive coverage as companies typically group it together with accident coverage. This means you get all the coverage from a sudden injury as well as coverage if your pet falls ill. Just like humans, a cancer diagnosis can come without warning and be costly. Having illness coverage can save your pets life.

Wellness (not offered by all companies)

Wellness coverage helps cover out-of-pocket expenses for preventative healthcare. This includes annual exams, fecal and heartworm testing, routine vaccinations, spay/neuter procedures and teeth cleaning.

What are the Benefits of Pet insurance?

Peace of Mind

You never know what is around the corner when it comes to health. Having coverage for the unknown offers peace of mind because you know that if something goes wrong, you will be able to help your pet. You don’t have to worry about the possibility of your pet needing treatments you can’t afford.


With pet insurance you can choose to pay your premium monthly, quarterly or annually. With a set payment plan you can budget for your pet more easily.

Extends Your Pets Life

Accidents or serious health conditions can happen when you least expect them. When unexpected, costly medical attention is needed, you can rely on your pet insurance to help. This allows you to say yes to treatments you otherwise couldn’t afford.

While pet insurance may not be right for everyone, we certainly recommend it. Having coverage for your pet allows you to make decisions for your pet based on their best interests rather than the cost.

If you’re still unsure if pet insurance is right for your pet, our veterinarians are happy to go over any questions or concerns you may have.