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Pet Dental Health Month: The Importance of Your Pet’s Dental Health

February is “Pet Dental Health Month”, which means we want to bring the dental health of your pet to the forefront. Dental health isn’t just for February; it’s something you should be thinking about year-round.

Whether your furry friend is a dog or cat, the health of their mouth is perhaps the most important part of their happiness and overall health. Have you ever had a toothache? If so, you understand how poor dental health can impact the quality of life of your pet, and can even cut it short.

With that said, let’s talk about your pet’s dental health and what you can do to maintain it

Tooth Disease is Painful

If you’re a pet owner, then you might appreciate how hard it is to detect chronic pain in your furry friend. Unfortunately, your pet is very good at pretending everything is okay. No—they won’t cry out if their mouth is hurting them—they’ll simply live on in misery!

Tooth disease causes chronic pain, especially if a tooth has become impacted or infected. If you’ve ever had a problem with one or more teeth, then you can appreciate the level of pain and discomfort your pet is dealing with. Now consider that, without frequent checkups, your pet could go years without anyone fixing their tooth problems!

Plaque Removal is Important & Vital

There are procedures that we can do in our hospital that you simply can’t do by yourself. We have the experience and tools necessary to remove plaque effectively, especially where it matters most; below your pet’s gum line.

As plaque develops below the gum line, the chance of infection and gum disease increases dramatically. Unfortunately, there is no way for you to remove these traces of plaque without a professional cleaning and examination. Fortunately, we provide this service and it is both painless to your pet and easy when done by a professional!

Most Pets Have Some Dental Disease

Animals in the wild will simply live with their dental diseases. You might use this as an example of why you should “allow nature to take its course.” However, consider how much misery exists in the life of a wild animal! You’re a pet owner, they’re a part of your family, and you should pamper them as such.

What does that mean? There should be no amount of dental disease acceptable to you. Yes, all animals are predisposed to it (even us), but that doesn’t mean we try our best to minimize it. Come into our office understanding that your dog or cat has some degree of dental decay, but come in understanding that you’re being proactive about it. It’s the least you can do for a member of your family.

There is Something You Can do at Home

Yes, you can and should brush your pet’s teeth daily. We recommend a toothbrush and toothpaste specifically catered to your dog or cat. Under no circumstances should you use toothpaste made for humans. Dog and cat toothpaste is specifically formulated and flavored for them (hello, tuna-flavored toothpaste!)

Brushing your pet’s teeth might be challenging, and you might feel like you’re not doing much in the process. However, every little bit helps! When your pet comes in for its regular dental checkup at our office, we’ll do the hard work of a deep cleaning.

Dental Health is Whole-Body Health

An unhealthy mouth leads to an unhealthy body. In humans and pets, if you suffer from tooth decay, then you suffer from an overworked immune system as it works tirelessly to fight the infections in your teeth and hums. This leads to other viruses and bacteria finding their way in while your immune system is busy elsewhere! Beyond that, infections in your mouth can be deadly all on their own.

We hope we’ve convinced you rather than alarmed you! It’s never too late to schedule a dental examination for your pet. The best time to do it was yesterday, but the second-best time is today. Contact us for an appointment.