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Dr. Shryock and His Daughter Win Big at Disc Dog Challenge

2022 Disc Dog Challenge Winners!

In November, Dr. Ben Shryock and his daughter, Finley, traveled to Kannapolis, North Carolina, and competed in the 2022 Disc Dog Challenge. Disc Dog takes catching a frisbee to the next level. They were both big winners! Finley is the YOUNGEST disc dog athlete in the country!

Dr. Shryock was the overall winner in the “Greedy” category. There were three games in the competition – Frizgility, Time Warp, and Greedy. The “Greedy” game works by handlers being able to throw to any zone without repeating back-to-back zones. Catches earn different points in different zones. Teams must complete one catch from all four throwing zones before time runs out, or they lose everything.

Congratulations to Dr. Shryock and Finley! Check out more photos from the competition.